We are daily committed to serve the Made in Italy Agri-food around the world.

 From abroad to Italy

Trade Agency

We put at your disposal our suppliers’ network like vineyards, farms,cheese diaries and distilleries in order to send and distribute their products in your country.

Importers and distributors in Swiss, EC and USA

We are dealing with the custom, price, fiscal and logistic issues on behalf of Italian companies, as well as distribution and storage within the Swiss territory.

Scouting in Italia

We find for you the best Italian Agri-food providers. The big ones are simple to find. We are great to dig up the little ones, above all if they are authentic and respectful of the tradition and the creation of products of their own territory.

Investment in Food & Beverage Made in Italy

We support you into your decision of investment on Italian agri-food,tourism and handcrafts by providing the best way to get sure and productive it.

 From Italy to abroad

Trade agency

We put at your disposal our clients’ network like buyers, caterers,wholesalers, retailers and stores in order to distribute and represent your product within their business.

Personalized analysis

Our team will develop for you a report with the real possibility your business has to bring products and services across borders,with simple, direct and successful solutions.

"Paesano" Special Selection

We value the best Italian agricultural products to include them inside our special selection. Only the best from each territory with "Paesano" trade mark.

Buyer Business Meeting

We’ll get you a personal meeting with the head of the purchase groups who are looking for new products for their business.

About Us



Authenticity should be preserved, enhanced and promoted. A product cannot be the result of commercial and technical analysis, it must be what it really is. What we want to convey is the respect for Nature and the environment and for all their fruits: a prerequisite for keeping our products real and genuine.


We connect the little Italian industries anywhere in the world, confirming them as an example of authenticity, precision and respect for the environment, even abroad.


"We believe the farmer can save the world because he’s the linchpin that holds food and the environment. We, from Expro Experience, desire that anyone who produces something, do this with criteria and rationality, in respect of the product and its surroundings. And once that it’s done, harmony’s nothing but a consequence.


“The real authentic is PAESANO. Under the shape of this iconic man, we carefully select the best product of Italian Agri-food. Paesano selection was born thanks to passionate experts of good taste with the aim of re-proposing these kind of food and beverage, wines, tastes and flavors which risk to be lost. And, in so doing, you will have the absolute guarantee to put on the table a high-quality, genuine and authentic product.”

2000 +

network buyers international

1200 +

authentic Italian suppliers

35 +

Trade fairs and events in the sector

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